Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Piggy's Wet Dream Come True...

Financial Domination is an Art Form, one that I excel at despite My young age. Or perhaps it is because of My youth that so many of My pets find Me so irresistible.
Many of My financial slaves are old enough to know better, yet successful enough to want to slide down that Rabbit Hole head first, just the way I like them, where they always find Me waiting...
I know exactly what you crave and once I get inside your head that's when the real games begin.
Conditioning you.
Training you. 
Addicting you.
Making you Crave Me so that I become your Sole Reality.
So many supposed "financial dominatrix" like to play the part, their lies dripping from their honeyed tongues as easily as the scarce truths do.

I don't need to make up tales. My reality is simply that good.
Enter one pet in particular. Highly intelligent, an alpha male in his own right, one whose name is easily recognizable in Hollywood circles. Now you know your Goddess would never drop names, discretion is key, and I am the key holder of ALL of your secrets and desires, particularly when you please Me so well.
He has gone above and beyond in his service to Me. Newly acquired in the last few months, he knows the meaning of True Servitude. For the gift of hearing My voice, for being graced with My time, beauty, intelligence and tutelage he Tributes regularly, the amount ranging from as small as $20.00 per day to as high as thousands per week without fail.
He understands My time is valuable and that by allowing him to exist in My world, he is a better man for it.
He understands the meaning of True Servitude and that the metamorphosis from common mortal man into his truest being, a financial slave who lives to serve Me without question, is a path that can only be walked under the guidance of a gifted Financial Goddess, his leash invisible to most, but a weight he bears at all times with pride for Me.
He knows the meaning I bring to his life. He values My particular skill set and knows that having found Me, he is no longer without a home, bouncing from dominatrix to dominatrix, the rush fleeing to be replaced by emptiness all over again as the search continues.
He has found a Home and it is at My side on his knees, collared and leashed, a pet that has earned his rightful place beneath Me.
This is the true meaning of domination. What are you waiting for? Today is potentially the first day of the rest of your life in servitude to the Goddess you have always dreamed of.
Financial Domination Porn
$3000 Wired to Me from the Above Mentioned pet
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Monday, June 17, 2013

 I Specialize In:
Financial Domination $ Forced Intox $ Sugar Daddy Training $ Humiliation $ Loser Abuse $ Forced Intox $ Cuckolding $ Brainwashing $ Forced Bi $ Forced Fem $ Homewrecking $ Blackmail $ Ruined Orgasm $ Goddess Worship $ Wife/GF Humiliation $ Financial Chastity $ Raise the Rate Fuckery $ Foot & Body Worship $ Panty Sniffers $ Dirty Old Men PAY Big

 I am SO Demanding I will drain your Wallet While Crawling Inside Your Head and Preying On your Weaknesses as you Surrender and Give Me Everything.

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This is MY world and if you are LUCKY I might Just Give you a FEW SECONDS of MY Time. You are MY Bitch, so get on your KNEES and Start Worshiping Me, your Elite Goddess of Sadistic Torment.
You know the only way to my heart is through your Wallet, and every time you submit to Me you sink deeper and deeper. My time is expensive and you are just the toy I have been looking for. Stop stalking my page. I know who you are and I know how BADLY you NEED ME.

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Pick up that phone NOW.
Are you sure you can handle my needs and desires? I don't play. I am the real deal and I know how to wrap you around my little finger.

I Adore humiliation, tease and denial, guided masturbation with a sadistic twist, ruined orgasm, money cuckolding, small penis humiliation, corporal punishment, forced chastity, Brainwashing, Erotic Hypnosis and so much more.  

Every skill in my arsenal Focuses on Fucking your Wallet Harder and Harder.

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Worship your Princess & Pay MY Bills piggy!
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